Who We Are & What Sets Us Apart

Absolute Fence specializes in high-quality, affordable fence installation and repair.

We are a True Custom Fabrication facility, and utilize a two-step process to ensure every fence we install is 100% customized for your yard or space. Our installation practices exceed industry-leading standards, guaranteeing your fence will last a lifetime.

To top it all off, we decided long ago that we wanted to give you a fence that would last as long as its warranty. And with a vinyl product that has a lifetime warranty that can be transferred for 50 years, you can be confident you’re getting the best the industry has to offer.

So, why Absolute Fence? Absolute Fence is overly careful to make sure the products we carry and the work we’ve done is something we can stand behind. The fences we install are more than just a fence. They’re an extension of your home and our official business card. To us, attitude is everything. We are a team that smiles and is HAPPY to be working. THANKFUL for the sunshine and the breeze. We are happy to be working together and with our incredible customers to enjoy this journey called life and it shows in how we treat our customers. We are always striving to be better. Better in character. Better as people, as husbands and wives and parents. We are a business that works on personal development and excellence and that truly ends up with that excellence flowing into our product.

The reviews from our wonderfully loyal customers speak volumes to us and keep us doing what we do. Be sure to read them on Google and Facebook to really know who we are and what sets us apart.



A Letter From the Founder:
Danny Wyrwas

People ask me all the time, “How did Absolute Fence get started?”  It’s humbling to hear that question because truthfully, I didn’t really do anything.  I was just walking forward and doors kept opening.  So to answer honesty, Jesus Christ started Absolute Fence and I’m just blessed to run it.

Here’s the nutshell of how this company came to be. In May of 2002 I was paying my way through college and took a summer job with a small fence company where I set posts on my first ever vinyl fence.  Not long into the position I was put in charge of the operation which eventually opened up an opportunity to become my own contractor.  With that step, Absolute Fence Inc. was born and it’s incredible to see how far God has taken us since then.

I love this fencing company and what I get to do every day.  For so long I had questioned my purpose in life but when I finally stopped trying to control everything and surrendered myself to Christ’s direction, I found that He loved me and completely took care of me – providing a business that far exceeded what I thought I’d wanted in life.

Through this journey, my wonderful wife Ericka and I have learned that thanksgiving and joyful praises pave the way for blessings. And that’s the core of Absolute Fence’s story: we are ABOUT our Fathers business, and we just happen to build the strongest and longest-lasting vinyl fences around.

Thanks for asking and being a part of our story.
Peace to you,

Danny Wyrwas